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Black seed oil – from 13 eur

A natural remedy that affects a wide range of diseases

15 eur for the creation and interpretation of NATAL CHART and CONSULTATION with an astrologer!

Consultation with an astrologer via Skype for 30 minutes!

Detailed interpretation of the natal chart – Astrologer Dr. Suncica Milosevic

Check if the stars are on your side!

Only 45 EUR for 2 nights accommodation for two people in the apartment in Belgrade

Voucher 3 eur + surcharge 42 eur in Apartment Belgrade

PROFACE Makeup School – new groups starting! School OR School + makeup set

The training of professional makeup 5 days (x 5h), working with a professional brand Ben…

Name and give the star to your beloved person!

An original gift that will last forever!

20 eur for PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP with the famous American brand Ben Nye

Look awesome! Let your face breathe a beauty!

BiH, Sport and Recreation Center Ajdinovići – 3 ALL INCLUSIVE days (accommodation – hotel or.....

ALL INCLUSIVE dream vacation

The proofreading and correction of all types of text

Do not let to be recognizable by mistakes! Buy a voucher and get a discount…

Adventure in the Escape Room, for 2-5 persons! Exciting team fun in 60 minutes!

Turn on the imagination to solve the puzzles that are in front of you


Get two-way communication with the strategic managing of your site!

Web design/development – Digital agency Webfox

Be unique and recognizable on the market!

[NIKŠIĆ] Permanent EPILATION of a complete intimate area or armpit

Get rid of unwanted hair on your body

A package of online courses for graphic design and earning additional salary for only 80.....

Use your creativity and earn extra income!

Project Management – online course .. Become an expert in project management!

Project experts are needed in every modern company!

Sales Management – online course..Implement your sales skills across all industries..

Your sales team will perform at their full potential…

IT Manager – online program for managing computer resources for 124 EUR!

Great online program with the possibility of obtaining certificates

Marketing Management Online Course … Become a Marketing Expert!

Step into the world of marketing!