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LingQ is a platform for learning and also a network of professors from various parts of the world that allow people interactive language learning and communication with students from around the world; easily connect with other students through chat, skype, forums and blogs, with the teachers being there to correct any errors in writing and speech. It is all an “online classroom“  in which you can come whenever you want and form any place you want.

The courses are designed for everyone, beginners and advanced. The student customizes each lesson to their needs using a v ariety of learning techniques and choosing their own speed of studying. After successfully finishing a lesson, materials can be saved in an MP3 format and listened to whenever you want to repeat them.

You can choose between these following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.


  • Each voucher is valid for only one person
  • You can buy more vouchers for yourself or as a gift
  • The reserved coupon is required to be paid within 24 hours from the time of booking, otherwise the booking will be considered expired
  • Coupons will be available after receiving payments
  • If you are unable to utilize the offer, it can be transferred to another person by prior arrangement
  • To participate in the course, you need to create a username. Just follow this LingQ link  and enter your voucher code in the fields “Referral Code” or “Coupon code”