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In the last few years, ziplining has become very popular activity. The flight is conducted in a way that a flyer, hanging from a cable or a mountaineering rope, is flying between the platforms. The most attractive locations for setting up platforms are usually canyons, forests with tall trees and hilly terrain. Flying in such an environment, with a dose of adrenaline, provides completely new view of unusual landscapes.
A team that stands behind the idea of building a zipline across the canyon of the Tara river, consists of experienced members of The Mountain Rescue Service, experts for the Durmitor mountain and primarily of extreme sports lovers. Design, construction and installation of the system was performed by construction experts and those who have years of experience in working with the cable cars and ski lifts.
The Tara Canyon attains a depth of 1333m, which makes it the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world, right after the canyon of the Colorado river. Tara itself is 146.6 km long. The largest part of the river, including the canyon, is under protection of UNESCO, as part of the Durmitor National Park.


  • You can fly on your own or in a couple, sitting or “superman” style.
  • Cables length - 350m;
  • Duration of the flight 40-50 seconds;
  • Maximum speed 50 km/h; NOTE:
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