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Whenever you feel the need for a healthy therapy that relaxes tense muscles and relieves the body from stress, hot water combined with deep massage is the best choice. Whether you are relaxing from the stresses of everyday life or relaxing muscles and joints after sports or other strenuous activity, hydromassage helps you feel better and healthier.
The whirlpool hydro massage tub is equipped with attractive waterfalls, underwater massage nozzles, and a variety of lighting effects. The water temperature is 33-36 °C. Ph value of water and chlorine levels is tested daily as strict criteria of Spa centers in the world imposes.

Hydromassage treatment relaxes muscles due to injury or bad posture of the body, reducing the load of the spinal column, joints and ligaments, and is recommended as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Hydro massage improves blood circulation, stimulates blood and lymph flow and removal of harmful substances from the body. Treatment in a spa pool guarantees enjoyment and refreshment of all senses.

Finnish sauna

Sauna is a room made of wood with an air temperature of 70-100 °C and a low humidity of 10-15%, it is therefore called a dry sauna. If you spill boiling water over hot stones, the humidity increases. Inside, there are wooden benches at different heights. For taller benches the temperature is a few degrees higher  than at lower benches, because the warmer air is lighter and as such it goes up. It usually starts from lying or sitting on lower levels so the body can gradually get used to the temperature.

Before entering the sauna, take as hower to remove sweat, grease and dirt from the skin, then wipe with a towel, because wet skin disposes sweat. Sit on the bench and be sure to sit on a towel. Let your stay in the sauna last between 10 and 15 minutes. After leaving the sauna, spend a few moments in the space before entering the shower. Take a shower with cool water. First, cool your hands and feet, then back, abdomen, chest and head. After that, take a break, refresh yourself with fruit, diluted juice or water.

Saunas are used around the world to improve health and to bring enjoyment and relaxation. Sweating that occurs during the stay in the sauna frees the body from harmful substances and toxins, strengthens then immune system, the body relaxes from tension and stress. Your stay in the sauna will make you feel healthier and livelier. You will see the first effects of the sauna on the skin. Profuse sweating cleanses the skin better than any other method. It opens up pores and allows dead cells and impurities that are deep in the skin to come to the surface. Blood circulation is improved, so that the skin gets a healthy glow, improved tone and elasticity.

For relaxation of tension in the muscles, heat is direct assistance. Using the sauna after hard physical work is an effective way to keep safe from sore muscles.

Sauna should not be used by people with high blood pressure, pacemaker infection, cardiac patients, people with very low pressure, varicose veins or deep vein thrombosis, people with acute infections, pregnancy, early children\’s age…



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