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Microdermabrasion – Painless diamond abrasion method refreshes and regenerates the skin, it is intended for cleaning dermis – acne scars, age spots, smoker’s skin. It gives the skin a sleek and healthy appearance. The treatment takes 75 min. In the microdermabrasion method, crystals which remove the superficial – withered skin layer, are used. Through the treatment, skin is stimulated to regenerate cells and create collagen fibers.

Adverse effects from the outside, which we are exposed to daily, whether it’s polluted air in urban areas, consumption of non-organic food, polluted water, alcohol, or excessive and inadequate exposure to sunlight, wind and smoky rooms are factors that adversely affect the general condition of the skin, and because of this it is necessary to pay special attention to your face!

Visiting beauticians is the obligation of every modern woman who keeps up good looks! It is important to observe the appearance and health of your body, especially your face!

Give life to your face !


  • Treatment duration is 1 hour.
  • Each voucher is valid for only one person.
  • The reserved coupon is required to be paid within 24 hours from the time of booking, otherwise the booking will be considered expired.
  • Coupons will be available after receiving payments.
  • The coupon can be used 15 days after purchase it on site.
  • After receiving the coupon, book dates through phone number 067 127 683.
  • It is necessary to show the coupon as proof of payment!