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With today’s offer you can choose the course: Italian, French, Spanish or German with unlimited access for a period of 3 months. For a course you only need an Internet connection, a headset, a microphone and motivation. Here you can find a solution that will make learning easier with courses based on 123Method.

The main authors postulate of Method123 was the fastest and most effective teaching that includes a large number of multimedia and interactive training exercises.

The course includes work on vocabulary skills, understanding, writing and grammar in a fun and educational way.

Spanish123 is a complete interactive and multimedia online Spanish textbook. It has been designed to meet 
the needs of learners at different levels, hence the division into 4 parts addressed to teenagers and adults who 
are not fluent in Spanish yet or would like to improve their skills. 
Spanish123 contains 4 levels addressed to beginners and intermediate students. Each level contains 22 
lessons composed of multimedia activities, dialogues, films, photolessons and songs. 
There is more than 450 interactive exercises in the course, which means more than 320 hours of 
study!Answers to exercises are checked automatically. You can practice grammar, vocabulary, listening 
comprehension and even pronunciation in this way. 
Italian, French and German123 are complete interactive and multimedia online language textbooks. It has been designed to meet the needs of learners on different levels, hence the division into 3 parts addressed to teenagers and adults who are not fluent yet or would like to improve their skills.
Course  contains 3 levels addressed to beginners and intermediate students. Each level contains 22 lessons 
composed of multimedia activities, dialogues, films, photolessons and songs.  
There is more than 360 interactive exercisesin the course, which means more than 240 hours of study! 
Answers to exercises are checked automatically. You can practice grammar, vocabulary, listening 
comprehension and even pronunciation in this way. 


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