Offer Details

The offer includes a detailed analysis of the future partner (physical appearance, the quality of relationship, character of the partner, professional focus, life style, finances, place of meeting, etc.). A precise analysis is done by insight in the customer’s birth chart with a system of derivative house.
Astrology of the relationships is the most wanted and interesting branch of astrology. This is not new, nor a consequence of the modern age. Since there is astrology, it has always been used to get someone to a good marriage – the harmony of love and commitment. Those who think that marriage is presented only with Venus, they are wrong. It’s just love, butterflies in the stomach and beauty that lasts in one moment. But real relation needs a components that brings Saturn.
Saturn always propose things we do not like to do ourselves, but we are very happy when others behave that way towards us …


  • Each voucher is valid for only one person.
  • You can buy more vouchers.
  • The reserved coupon is required to be paid within 24 hours from the time of booking, otherwise the booking will be considered expired.
  • Coupons will be available after receiving payments.
  • The coupon can be 30 days after purchasing it.
  • After receiving vouchers send to e-mail ([email protected]): voucher, name, date, time and place of birth.
  • If you want the compatibility (love) horoscope, you need to provide the date of birth of another person.
  • Within 7 days you will receive astrological description of partner in electronic format on 2-3 pages + compatibility horoscope (as per wish).