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Escape Rooms is an idyllic party for those who are looking for a new and unique experience, a challenge, but above all, an hour of top-notch entertainment! Through 60 minutes of play, you will feel like you\ve entered the other world and you will be focused only on how to solve all the obstacles in time. Try to escape from a room full of riddles, secret codes and rooms.
“Voodoo Tales” room  solve a mystery of cursed place and escape from it within 60 minutes! You have entered the witches hut, it becomes obvious that recently performed a ritual. Air fulfill residues used magic. It becomes abundantly clear that time is running out. The witch is no longer there but her curse all around you. You must escape and fast! Uu head is returned to the story from my childhood – no curse can not have full effect before the expiration of 1 hour. You need to solve all the puzzles that stand between you and your escape from this bloody shack.
Game Voodoo Tales begins. Good luck.
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  • Each voucher is valid for 1 person.
  • You can buy more vouchers.
  • The reserved coupon is required to be paid within 72 hours from the time of booking, otherwise the booking will be considered expired.
  • Coupons will be available after receiving payments.
  • After receiving the coupon, book dates through phone 069 760 439.
  • It is necessary to show the coupon as proof of payment!