Offer Details

This group of courses will increase your creativity and earnings from selling your own digital graphic design online. Everyone can learn to draw on the computer. No magical talent is needed. Creating digital graphics is a skill that anyone can train.
The course enables everyone to place their graphics globally, regardless of the location of their stay and without the need for any financial investment.

The online courses package consists of the following 3 courses:

– Adobe Photoshop basic training

– Adobe Illustrator Basic Training

– A complete guide to online sales of digital graphics

This course allows you to immediately begin creating your own graphics that will be sold using the most famous platforms for selling such graphics around the world right after you have acquired the knowledge.

Short overview of the content of all three courses:

Adobe Photoshop Course
– Work with “smart” objects

– “Warping” and creative transformation

– Reshaping images

– Use of filters, and “blur” and “patterns”

– Creating and modifying shapes

– Application of “blend” modes

– Apply “layer” effects and styles

– Working with fonts

– Coloring with Photoshop

– “Sharing libraries”

– Artboard works

– Exporting Photoshop files

Illustrator Course:
– Using Illustrator’s working environment

– Setting “artboard” options and documents

– Work with “layers”

– Creating basic and complex shapes

– Using drawing tools

– Transformation of objects

– Grouping and unblocking of objects

– “Fill” and “stroke” tools

– Gradient Annotator

– Work with CMYK and RGB color palettes

– Using the eq

– Working with the text

– “Clipping” masks

– Print and export files

The online selling digital graphics course:
– How to generate passive income without initial funds and experience

– How to Identify the Best Placement Companies

– How to optimize your graphics portfolio

– Review of the contract for the sale of graphics: Details that need to be known

– How to make money in the long run by selling your own graphics?

– Understanding Graph Demand: What Types of Graphics Do Customers Look For?

– Techniques of developing creativity and development of unique graphic ideas

– Practical example: Step by step, from creation to sale of graphics!

Professional Support: Video lessons and the course itself are in English.
At all times, attendees have professional email support from experienced instructors who can address questions, advice or problems.
Acquiring Certificates: Going to an online exam is not required, but if you want a diploma then you get a certificate by solving the final online test (you can request a test at the moment you are ready).
After passing the exam you will receive a certain certificate (European Union certification or U.S. certification).


  • The offer includes an online course for Graphic Design in English at Special Skills Academy.
  • By purchasing a voucher, you get access to the course for 90 days after activation.
  • Exam is not required, but if you opt for online test the price is 40 EUR.
  • After purchasing the voucher, send the coupon to the e-mail [email protected], for the ACTIVATION of offer.
  • During the course an online support is available through mail [email protected]
  • One voucher is valid for one person.
  • You can buy more vouchers for others.
  • A reserved coupon is required to be paid within 72 hours of the reservation, otherwise reservations will be considered expired.
  • Coupons will be sent to your e-mail address, after receiving payment.